About Us
Main Dot C (Main.c) is an international Software Development company.
Since 2011, we have been successfully and steadily cooperating with leading high-tech companies in the field of telecommunications, semiconductors, automotive and medicine.


Main Dot C Team are Linux software development experts with years of experience in the following areas:

RT/ Embedded Linux systems • Kernel • Drivers • Bootloaders • Secure Boot • Networking • IoT

In addition, we provide services to harden the security of embedded systems running Linux. Security audits and hardening of Linux software are critical to getting a secure product to market.

Here is an incomplete list of technologies we work with:

  • RT / Embedded

    • BSP, Device Drivers
    • IoT: BLE, ULE, MQTT
    • Platforms: ARM, MIPS, PPC, x86, DSP
    • Operating systems: Embedded Linux, Android, VxWorks, ThreadX, eCos
    • 4/8 bit processors with no OS
    • Platform and OS migrations
    • Busses: SPI, I2C, USB, CAN
  • Linux / Android

    • BSP, Device Drivers
    • Migrations: Linux to RTOS and vice versa
    • Android architecture: Framework, JNI, Native space, Kernel
    • Network and IP Stack
    • User space Applications
    • GUI: Android Apps, QT, Java
    • Communications: TCP/IP, GSM, WiMax, WiFi , Bluetooth
  • Networking

    • Low level networking, Ethernet, IP stack
    • Network drivers and
    • applications
    • TCP/IP protocol family
    • Client/Server architecture
    • ARP, STP, DHCP, VLAN, TCP, UDP, HTTP, SNMP and other protocols
  • Network management

    • Custom NETCONF agent implementations on top of Netopeer2
    • Custom SNMP and NETCONF agents for Linux, Windows and VxWorks
    • Net-SNMP library
    • Migrations
    • Custom EMS
    • Integrations with existing NM Systems

Some of our projects

  • A solution for 5G networks based on Linux

    Development of a hardware-software complex based on a Linux kernel operating in 5G networks. The solution includes pico and micro base stations, user devices, virtualization platforms, and devices that complement the core network. The complex includes products using Wi-Fi, backhaul, fronthaul, VoLTE, VoWiFi and VoIP technologies.

    Stack: C, C++, Linux

  • Development of software for network equipment

    Support and development of software components and OS distribution of radio relay modules, gateways and other network equipment.

    Stack: C++, C, Yocto, Bash, Python

  • Cloud-based IoT system for wireless car charging

    Software development for a cloud-based IoT solution. Design, implementation and maintainence of a real-time embedded firmware.

    Stack: С/С++, Embedded Linux, Bare Metal FW

  • Multi-component SoC management system

    Support and development of a multi-component system (a set of programs and utilities), the purpose of which is to manage and monitor unique equipment in the field of video and network technologies. The equipment is used all over the world to transmit media data in HD format.

    Stack: .NET, C#, WPF, C++, Powershell, Python

System for vulnerabilities detection and remediation in Linux systems

Automated embedded system security auditing, vulnerability detection and remediation, and mitigation of the risk of hacking products that use embedded software for a wide range of flavors of Linux and related open source environments.

Stack: Python, Linux, Postgresql

What we are

The team

Our team consists of people with a calling, from young talents to coding gurus. We are moving in the same direction - united in our goals and culture. We build open and honest relationships within the company. The atmosphere that we cherish so much is created by each of us.


We work using flexible methodologies. We welcome independence in the organization of the work process. We have streamlined processes, a minimum of bureaucracy and a cult of common sense.


For more than 10 years, we have been a reliable technology partner for our clients, implementing the most complex projects. The passion and professionalism of each of us helps to achieve the best result.



What do we offer

Two offices (Russia/Serbia)

Assistance with relocation (for the whole family)
Ability to work from anywhere in the world
Money: accurate and on time
Flexible start and end of the working day
Non-material motivation based on the cafeteria principle: medical insurance, sports, taxi, training

HR support 24/7
The Director’s phone number for each employee

Our expectations

Ability to work as a part of a team based on customer requirements
Knowledge of English and the ability to communicate within an international team
Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines
The urge for professional growth

Initiative and independence in solving work tasks

Friendliness and willingness to help


If you have not found a suitable vacancy, but the desire to work with us is stronger, write to us and tell us about yourself.

Our HR manager will contact you.

nkondakova.maindotc@gmail.com, Nadezhda Kondakova

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